Type III Commercial 550 Paracord – GSA Compliant – Safety Yellow


Paracord in an absolutely essential item to have with you at all times. It can be utilised in hundreds of different situations, everything from ridge lines and fishing lines to bow drills and lashings. We sell only genuine Type III 550 Paracord from the US.

There are so many types of paracord on the market today, some genuine and some fake. The hardest thing is knowing the difference. Here at The Bushcraft Cave, we want you to trust in our brand and know that we only buy and sell 100% real, genuine Type III 550 paracord.

This paracord is load tested to a 550lb breaking strain which is where the name 550 comes from. Historically it was used in the suspension lines of parachutes, but is nowadays utilised as a general purpose utility cord for both the military and civilians.

Type III paracord is constructed of nylon. There are seven inner strands covered by a braided nylon outer sheath, this is what makes the cord so strong and durable. A lot of the cheaper versions are made of polyester which look very similar.

Although there are many applications for paracord, the main uses are tying knots to secure equipment and lashing items together. It is highly recommended to learn several of the most common knots that you will use as this will prolong the life of your paracord and allow you to use the same piece several times over without wastage.

We have a range of colours to choose from and if you are looking for higher quantities or spools of 1000ft, please email info@thebushcraftcave.com with your enquiry.

Please note that all orders our hand cut. You will never receive less than you ordered, but it may be slightly over. Colour may vary slightly to that shown in the product image, this is due to the dying process between batches.   


25 Feet, 50 Feet, 100 Feet


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