Hultafors OK4 Bushcraft Knife

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5.00 out of 5

The growing interest for bushcraft and outdoor activities inspired Hultafors to expand its range of Craftsman’s knives with two exceptional outdoor knives, the OK1 and OK4.

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For a limited time only, this product includes a FREE Firelighter worth £5.

Hultafors OK4 Knife free firestarter

Hultafors OK4 features:

  • The cutting edge has a scandi grind for superior sharpness and is easy to resharpen. A protective electrophoretic deposition coating (EPD) for best rust protection.
  • The handle is made from super-durable PP plastic and fitted with a Santoprene friction grip. A long tang makes the knife very durable.
  • The textile beltloop allows up to 80mm wide belts and is equipped with a pocket for a fire starter. It is also detachable if you want to attach the holster to the button on your work clothes.
  • Grinded spine for use of fire starter and scale engraved on blade is optimized for outdoor usage.

Developed for bushcraft enthusiasts, the Hultafors OK4 is a durable outdoor knife with friction grip suitable for tasks in the field. The hardwearing textile belt loop allows up to 80mm wide belts and is equipped with a pocket for a fire starter.

The Hultafors OK4 blade has a scandi grind and is made from Japanese knife steel, 3.0 mm carbon steel that has been hardened to 58–60 HRC. The blade also has a rust protective electrophoretic deposition coating to withstand corrosion. The grinded spine of the blade is designed for starting a fire with a ferrocerium rod.

Steel with Strength

The blades of Hultafor’s Craftsmen Knives are made from Japanese steel, which is renowned for its high quality. The cutting edge is sharpened in several stages and is given a final honing on a leather strop. This makes the blade very durable and gives it a really sharp edge.

Tough Plastic

Both the handle and holster and made from super-durable polypropylene – PP plastic. The handle is designed to give you a safe and comfortable grip. A unique function means that the holster does not detach from the button in your trousers, whilst at the same time being easy to remove.

Hultafors OK4 specification:

  • Blade length: 93mm
  • Total length 209mm
  • Weight 109g (Knife only)

Also available is the popular Hultafors OK1 Knife, which features a slightly larger handle and no friction grip.


2 reviews for Hultafors OK4 Bushcraft Knife

  1. Chris
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This a great budget knife. I bought it to replace a slightly battered Mora and I feel it is a slight step up. The blade was razor sharp from the off and it retained a nice edge after a couple of days of heavy use. I’ve lightly sharpened it just once so for and it was as easy as my Mora to sharpen. Only down side is that the black coating wears off the ground edge of the blade during sharpening. This also wears at the point on the spine used to strike the fire steel but it is mainly cosmetic as although this helps prevent rust, you need to treat the knife as carbon steel as there are exposed aspects, primarily the blade. The sheath is a nice addition and the ability to carry a fire steel on the knife works very well. It is thicker than my Mora(3mm) and feels more sturdy too and so should take more abuse in the form of battoning etc(which I did some of a few days ago and it worked very well). All in all, a great alternative entry level knife for only a little more money.

  2. Johnny
    5 out of 5


    You get a lot of knife for under £20. The firesteel is a real nice addition and the black coating should help prevent any rust building up. So far I am really happy with this knife.

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