Hultafors Hatchet

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The Hultafors Hatchet Axe is a handmade axe from Sweden. The axe has been forged to the highest standards by skilled blacksmiths and comes complete with a hickory handle and mask. Ideal as a gift or to add your own collection.

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The Hultafors Hatchet is a small axe for outdoor use in forests and open land. This would be considered a general purpose axe and one which can be used on trips of up to several days.

The axe head is forged from Swedish axe steel of a consistently high quality. The steel is stuck many times until the axe attains its final form. It’s a costly method, but this increases the density of the steel and thereby the durability and life of the axe, particularly if you compare it to axes that are forged with only a few strikes.

Hultafors’ hardening method leaves a clear hard zone within which the axe can be sharpened whilst not detracting from the strength of the edge. Used correctly, their axes can last for generations.

The handle has been made from stunning hickory. Hickory is a great wood as it is not only very strong and can absorb huge impact, but the fibres also run parallel which increases the toughness.

If the handle is protected over time using boiled linseed oil, it will develop a beautiful, rich brown colour – axe care is extremely important.

The Hultafors Hatchet weighs 800g and is just 44.4cm long.

Hultafors Hatchet features:

  • Can be attached to a belt
  • Has a clear hard zone within which the axe can be sharpened whilst not detracting from the strength of the edge
  • Edge protector
  • Hickory shaft

Hultafors Hatchet specification:

  • Brand: Hultafors
  • Cutting edge: 8.4cm
  • Overall length: 44.4cm
  • Axe head material: Swedish steel
  • Handle (helve) material: hickory
  • Axe weight: 800gram


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