Flint and Steel Firelighting Kit


At The Bushcraft Cave, we appreciate true craftsmanship and the beauty of hand made items. These stunning firelighting kits have all been made by a local blacksmith who has been forging for decades. Pick yourself up an all-in-one firelighting kit and get practicing those traditional techniques.

Flint & Steel has been used to light fires for 1000’s of years, since the iron age! Today, it is still a very popular method of lighting fire and is practiced widely by those who enjoy the simplicity and skill of primitive firelighting.

We have had these stunning firelighting kits created by a local blacksmith. They make an ideal gift for a friend, or a great addition to your own personal fire kit.

Each firelighting kit contains the following –

The firesteel is made from carbon steel, which is roughly 98% iron and 2% carbon, it is this iron that causes the small red incandescent sparks when struck against the harder flint.

Char cloth is extremely simple to make and it is always worth having some in your pack, kept safe in a zip-lock bag.

How to use TBC Hand Forged Firesteel


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