DD Camping Hammock

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5.00 out of 5

The DD Camping Hammock is the original lightweight camping hammock designed by DD. The Camping Hammock is enjoyed by beginners and seasoned hammock campers alike.

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The DD Camping Hammock is a lightweight sleeping option at just 650 grams. The hammock has 2 zippers (on 1 zip) which allows for easy entry/ exit.

There DD Camping Hammock has been designed with a ‘two layer system’ which allow you to sleep in a couple different ways – you can either lie on top of both layers if the weather conditions are suitable (with the option to fit a thermarest in between), or cocoon yourself in and wrap one layer over you. Please see the photos for different setup ideas.


  • Size: 2.7 x 1.4 metres (suitable for people 6ft 5in and 125kg’s)
  • Olive Green
  • Weight: 650 grams (hammock only)
  • Includes: hammock, 10 metres of webbing, stuff sack

1 review for DD Camping Hammock

  1. Dan of Dorset.
    5 out of 5


    This hammock from The Bushcraft Cave was my first introduction into the world of hammock camping. It was recommended by many people from scout groups to military personnel so I had to give it a go.

    This hammock by DD Hammocks is one of the best you can find at this price. It served me well for many camping trips with my local scout group and makes a nice change to sleeping on the floor on sometimes uneven and lumpy campsites. It’s ideally suited for people who want start exploring the options that hammock camping provides, without spending a fortune.

    My order from TBC came with:
    – 2 zippers (on 1 zip) for easy entry/ exit
    – Two layer design that allows cocoon-like sleeping
    – You can lie out in the open (on top of both layers) with the option to put a thermarest/ camping mat between the layers as insulation
    – Comes with 10m of webbing/ rope attached ready to hang
    – Stuff Sack (size when packed approx 30cm x 10cm)

    10 meters of webbing is more than enough for 99% of situations where you will want to hang your hammock. If you are new to hammock camping, you don’t need to rush and buy the Whoopie Suspension System straight away. They are really useful, but not essential.

    The stuff sack is what makes this hammock the ultimate camping setup for 99% of people. At only 30x10cm when packed, this hammock can fit in most combat trouser pockets (leg pocket). This option has allowed me to take this out when hiking, find a nice quiet spot by the river and set up the hammock.

    The only issue I found with this hammock is when zipped up inside the hammock, it can be slightly claustrophobic, as the top layer has no support and does hang in your face. But this is only minor and can easily be resolved with some tarp clips to hold the top layer up during the night.

    Overall, I would truly recommend this hammock to anyone looking to start hammock camping. Its an affordable way to start seeing camping in a whole new light. CAUTION: Hammock Camping is very enjoyable and can get quite expensive once you are addicted… There are as many optional extras for hammocks as there trees to hang them from.

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