Nalgene Water Bottles are the number one choice for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers all over the world. We stock the classic Nalgene 1 Litre Water Bottle with the signature Wide Mouth design. Nalgene products are all BPA free water bottles that will last for years to come. Many outdoor enthusiasts choose the Nalgene Stainless Steel Water Bottle as it is single-walled and can be cooked with straight over a fire. All of the Nalgene 1L Water Bottles also fit perfectly inside the GSI Glacier CupFor outdoor enthusiasts, Nalgene make the best water bottle.

If you’re looking for a virtually indestructible water bottle for a backcountry adventure, and a clean, green way of storing dried food, Nalgene Water Bottles get the job done. We have a selected range available on our site, however we can source a much wider variety of their products. If there is something you would like that’s not here, simply email us with your request to

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