The Bushcraft Cave (TBC) was established in 2015 by Calum Sloan & Tom Kelly-Lord and is rapidly becoming the new home for modern bushcrafters, outdoorsman, explorers, adventurers, hikers, campers and survivalists alike.

TBC is a central hub for bushcraft and outdoor enthusiasts; supplying essential bushcraft gear, it hosts a popular forum for outdoor enthusiasts and is a great resource for bushcraft information.

We pride ourselves on our exemplary product range, consisting of personally selected tried and tested products. Whilst we are a growing business, we are still small enough to care. Our passion for bushcraft helps us deliver exceptional customer service. The team are always happy to offer advice and help fulfil your requirements.

TBC is based in the heart of Hampshire. From here the team regularly take mini adventures together; to test out gear, produce new informative content for the site and keep our love of exploration alive.

The founding partners passion for bushcraft began in their youth building shelters and creating fires together. As their friendship and love for adventure grew, it seemed only natural for the pair to come together and give back to the bushcraft community.

Calum Sloan

Ever since he can remember Calum has always had a burning desire for outdoor life. He believes exploring new places and learning new skills is fundamental to our development as humans. Calum has been on various courses over the years to learn the art of bushcraft. He quotes

We owe today to the pioneers of yesterday; what seem like basic and redundant tools and techniques are the reason we have been so successful as a race. In an age where technology is moving at an exponential rate and our lives revolve around our work, it is easy to forget about the simple things and go back to nature.

In recent years and thanks to some inspiring characters, bushcraft has become extremely popular with an ever growing community. Calum has started The Bushcraft Cave with Tom as they want to share their passion for this craft and bring tried and tested products that they believe are of the highest quality.

Tom Kelly-Lord

Coming from a background in Product Design, Tom is excited by innovation and sets high standards for the quality of products we supply. As technology continues to impact all aspects of our lives, Tom has a keen interest on how this will affect the future of bushcraft. He believes it is essential to have a good understanding of traditional survival skills, yet emerging technology should not be overlooked; particularly for use in emergency situations.

Tom has traveled the world living out of a backpack and enduring a variety of environments. This experience allowed him to try and test a wealth of adventure gear, often finding out the hard way what brands and equipment to trust. This knowledge helps TBC provide products with only the highest level of quality.